Space Planner

As a space planner I research locations, consider its existing/intended use, and prepare a plan that most effectively utilises that space. Turning an unused or underutilized space into a functional one suited to the client’s requirements.

First meeting with the client is to fully understand the scope of the project and assist in the decision making which inevitably includes the cost financially and any impact this could have on the daily running of their business. This could be doing a home renovation, planning using existing space e.g. change kitchen layout using existing floor space or planning a move for a company relocating to new location. Each detail will be clearly mapped and subject to a project plan with defined timelines.

Once approved, subject to fees I can supervise the construction or changes made to the space. Of course, I do all this while presenting progress reports to the client and staying within budget. To ensure the project is done right, I use skills in problem-solving, communication, and attention to detail with AutoCAD or Revit for Architecture BIM Level 2.

This link may help when considering making or planning space changes:

Nigel A Benwell
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