Focus On - Evacuation Route's

We offer the service to update existing Fire Evacuation Route's, Emergency Evacuation Route’s, Individual Escape Plan’s including focussing on Refuge Area’s. Many of the have probably never been updated or do not even exist. Some may say they have never needed it; however, it is your obligation to provide this basic plan and while many display the Fire Assembly Points few show you which route to take to get there.

This coming in the week when a fire engulfed Student Accommodation this week in Bolton. Please consider if your plans are clearly displayed and up to date, whether you have had any structural changes lately and recorded these on the plans. This could include things like moving a door, adding an extra window, partitioning a room. All these things need to be recorded correctly for the safety of Staff – Students – Visitors and any Foot Traffic passing through.

Contact us for an informal discussion and we can arrange to review any existing plans alongside the physical space.