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“Giving you that bird’s eye view!”


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Drone Survey can be the alternative option

“Giving you that bird’s eye view”

  • I am CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved for both Day & Night flying.
  • I am fully insured with Public Liability Insurance.
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement carried out prior to all flights
  • Weather conditions restrict flights can only fly in dry weather.
  • Up to a 25 minute flight.
  • Prices start from £149.00
  • I offer Internal flights having taken steps to reduce the risk and these start from £129.00

I am a Freelance CAD Technician qualified in AutoCAD 2020 2D Architectural drawing and Autodesk Accredited Revit for Architecture BIM Level 2. I have spent the last 9 years working within the Estates team at Plymouth University with the last 4 years as the Space Planner and CAD Technician. I am fully conversant with producing/editing/amending 2D drawings including layer protocols.

Can amend DWG's when construction work has taken place to keep them up to date plus adding upgrades to power/lighting/services to and from. Mapping out where things may fit and see if it works before spending valuable time and money. This can normally be carried out in real time at planning stage.

Qualified and accredited in Revit for Architecture BIM Level 2 I can assist at the project stage. I am also able to produce Revit RVT's from DWG's and vice versa. Please contact me for any inquiries including costs.

I offer a facility to inspect building, sites etc. from the air both Internally & Externally using our Drone Survey service. We offer both Domestic & Commercial property aerial inspections, from general condition of roof coverings, guttering and hoopers, chimney stacks and vent outlets etc. The list is endless so contact if you have a specific request.This is a cost effective alternative to Scaffold and or Cherry Picker/Scissor Lifts.

My Core Services

Giving you that Bird’s Eye view

External Survey

External Survey

Internal Survey

AutoCAD 2020 2D

This could be site plans/buildings/rooms etc. as this helps keep not only the Floor Plans up to date but also Evacuation Routes which are essential and need to be displayed.



Space Planner

Space Planner

As a space planner I research locations, consider its existing/intended use, and prepare a plan that most effectively utilises that space. Turning an unused or underutilized space into a functional one suited to the client’s requirements

AutoCAD 2020 2D

AutoCAD 2020 2D

l provide Facilities Management with key asset information to support business operations and compliance. I am responsible for the creation, development, modification and management of building record drawings, site drawings, fit out drawings and utility drawings.

Revit/BIM Level 2

Revit/BIM Level 2

BIM is an intelligent model-based process that helps make design, engineering, project and operational information accurate, accessible and actionable for buildings and infrastructure.

This service is being used for building surveys maintence inspections.

If you have any projects you feel may benefit from this service, please send me an email.


Worked With

Some of the companies that have used my services.

CAD Technician qualified in:

AutoCAD 2020 2D Architectural Drawing

Autodesk Accredited Revit for Architecture BIM Level 2

CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Approved Commercial Drone Operator

PfCO (Permissions for Commercial Operations)